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Daria Badanina on “Shameless” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Daria Badanina on Shameless

(9:00 PM EST, Showtime)

Your humble See Her Tonight column is pretty thrilled to see Daria Badanina landing a recurring role on Shameless–even though we had a pretty good idea that her wild Russian hooker was too great of a character to toss out after one episode. Besides, Emmy Rossum has had to work too hard to provide the Showtime series with all of its big sex appeal. Daria Badanina really stole her scenes. And also pretty much threw us for a loop, since we recognized her name from the sexy Superheroines web series.

We won’t link to the Superheroines site, since we’re not really sure how people feel about the finest sexy superheroines site on the interwebs. We will tell you, however, that Daria Badanina was very hot as a sword-slinging gal who was kicking bad-guy butt in what were technically SFW scenes–but, really, are made for guys who are really into ladies in tight outfits kicking bad-guy butt. And sometimes with elements like foot fetishism thrown in for added action, but not always.

Anyway, good for Daria for being fearless enough to join the Superheroines cast as part of their Heroine Legends series. We’d also like to goof on ourselves for not really appreciating Daria earlier–whether on the big screen for Magic Mike, or in our living rooms for an episode of True Blood where she played a Christian singer on a bus. This ravishing Russian redhead (who grew up in Washington State) sure deserves a lot more attention.

We’ll even add that Daria has written a children’s book and also has an aspiring pop-music career. There are probably a lot of ways that a gal like Daria Badanina might go on to stardom, but we’re happy with her Shameless route. Now you’re going to be happy getting to know Daria in this hot gallery before tuning in to see her tonight

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