Cassie Steele Is Saturday Night’s Hottest Sorority Girl [PHOTOS]

It’s no secret that COED has spent some Saturday nights at home with the femme-themed Lifetime network–mostly to ogle the likes of Heather Graham and Christina Ricci in some of their seriously schlocky made-for-TV movies. And you know that we had to check out a trashy title like Sorority Surrogate, wherein an innocent sorority gal gets pregnant to help out a couple who then die tragically, leaving our college gal to fight for her baby when an evil grandmother tries to gain custody.

And then we saw that the titular sorority girl is played by Cassie Steele, and we quickly canceled any other plans we had for the weekend. Because it’s always a special occasion when Cassie Steele stops by our living rooms. That’s been true ever since the Canadian cutie showed up in the trashy nighttime soap The L.A. Complex, which was kind of like Melrose Place with an all-Canadian cast. ¬†We still tuned in to stare at how Ms. Steele had grown up and out since her days on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Cassie was cute back then, but we never dreamt that she’d grow up to be like a cross between Selena Gomez and Kate Upton. Much like Selena Gomez, Cassie is also busy with a music career. And much like Kate Upton, Cassie sports an amazing bod that should already have made her a star–even without Cassie’s own considerable talent. Follow that link to her website to enjoy more of Cassie’s music. Check out this gallery to enjoy more of Cassie’s fine body of work. Just expect to end up canceling your plans for tonight, too…

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