5 Great Musical Performances From ‘The Muppet Show’ [VIDEOS]

The new muppets movie, Muppets Most Wanted, premiered in theaters yesterday. There isn’t a single person alive who doesn’t love the muppets. Well, maybe not everyone. But anyone who has had reasonable access to any muppet TV show or movie should be a fan. The muppets are able to bridge the gap between young and old audiences and have been doing so for decades. Hopefully, this new movie will make new fans out of today’s kids. To celebrate this film, here are 5 musical clips from The Muppet Show that are still awesome today.

Elton John sang “Crocodile Rock,” and he may have been so influenced by the muppets that he decided to dress like one for many years.

The Vikings were vicious warriors and accomplished seamen, but we think this version of “In The Navy” would put a smile on their grizzled, Norse faces.

After Johnny Cash sang “Ghostriders In The Sky,” he took a bunch of pills and made a pass at Miss Piggy.

Steve Martin would never have become such an accomplished bluegrass musician had it not been for his many practice sessions with the muppets.

For a brief period Art Garfunkel was replaced by a muppet. This version of “Scarborough Fair” by Paul Simon will show you why.

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