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Sara Paxton Is This Weekend’s “Cheap Thrill” [PHOTOS]


We’ve already gone on about how much we’re looking forward to Cheap Thrills, and now the nutty thriller (with Champ Kind as you’ve never seen him before) is out in select theaters and on VOD. Actually, the biggest cheap thrill in this wild movie is Sara Paxton, with the former child star also showing up like you’ve never seen her before. She plays the spoiled companion of rich guy David Koechner, and is the bad gal who keeps urging him on in daring two desperate guys into doing increasingly crazy things for money.

It’s a lot of fun to see Sara being bad–especially since so many men first discovered her as fellow kids in movies like Liar, Liar and the Kurt Russell sci-fi actioner Soldier. That was back in the ’90s, and then Sara stayed busy on the kiddie circuit in shows like Lizzie McGuire and TV-movies like Return to Halloweentown. Sara also made it to the multiplexes in the mermaid tween fantasy Aquamarine.

Then genre fans got to see how much Sara Paxton had grown up in 2008. That’s when she got a little raunchy with fellow tween star Drake Bell in the spoof Superhero Movie. (She showed up in Wizards of Waverly Place that year, too.) Sara followed that up in 2011 with two smart turns. She appeared in the classy indie ghost story The Visitors, and also popped out of her bikini in Shark Night 3D.

That’s when we became big fans, and Sara has continued to do fun work in clever indie fare–and some other stuff we didn’t bother watching. Cheap Thrills is a blast, though, and you’ll have a blast watching Sara. You’ll still want to check out these pics first…

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