New Trailer For “Brick Mansions” Has Paul Walker & Parkour [VIDEO]


Brick Mansions Trailer

A trailer for the remake of the highly acclaimed French action film District 13 and one of the last to feature the late actor Paul Walker hit the web today.

Brick Mansions stars Walker and Parkour runner David Belle as a cop and a criminal respectively who team up to take down a dangerous crime boss named Tremaine, played by RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. The unique element is the setting. It takes place in a dystopian version of Detroit in which Tremaine has taken over a walled-off ghetto nicknamed the “Brick Mansions” and gotten his hands on a neutron bomb that threatens all of Detroit. If that wasn’t enough motivation, Tremaine is also responsible for the death of Paul Walker’s character’s father and the police department team him up with a convicted criminal who’s ridiculously good at scaling buildings and jumping out of windows.

Parkour aficionados know Belle as the founder of the entire Parkour movement. He got his start studying gymnastics and kung fu and found an interesting way to meld the two in the form of a wild new style of free-running in urban environments. His methods became legendary as videos of his new style of movement started make the viral rounds on YouTube and other online videos. Pretty soon, he started training other free-runners his newly discovered style and Parkour became an instant phenomenon. Here’s just a taste of some of the unique moves that made Belle famous.

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