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Katarina Ivanovska Thinks It’s Already Summer, Thank God [PHOTOS]


Some places are enjoying the first snows of Spring, but we’re happy to report that Katarina Ivanovska has been keeping warm. In fact, it seems that Katarina has been busy modeling some bikinis for the Pain de Sucre swimwear line–which is part of the fine Nancy Meyer empire, and translates into Sugar Loaf, which is also the name of a band that had two hit singles back in the ’70s that we don’t care about right now because we’re talking about Katarina Ivanovska in a bikini.

Of course, we’ve gotten excited about Katarina Ivanovska before–as both just a hot Macedonian model and as a Victoria’s Secret vixen. These new shots have us convinced that we’ve still been neglecting Katarina. Especially since she forgot to invite us along for this shoot that captures bikini designs that are incredibly genius in providing some sunbathing sideboob.

We’d say “celebrity sideboob,” but Katarina Ivanovska isn’t nearly as big of a name as she should be. That’s especially true when you consider that she’s marking a decade of walking the runways for top designers. Katarina didn’t start working for Victoria’s Secret until 2011, but she’s still not nearly as known as other gals in the biz.

That’s fine with us, though, because, frankly, we’re a little tired of men chasing after all of our future dream dates. The whole idea with the Freebie List is that we can sleep with Katarina without our girlfriends getting mad, but she won’t have time for us if all of you other guys are bothering her all the time. Just enjoy these pics…

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