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January Jones Wants To Sleep With Rihanna Instead Of Us [PICS]


We’re heading into an exciting new season of Mad Men–which seems to be taking us into the psychedelic ’60s–and January Jones is making sure that she gets some attention. Which is fine with us, since the striking blonde has had a pretty lousy career arc on the show. January Jones work as Betty Draper started with her as an excitingly icy suburban housewife, and then got stuck in a fat suit for a while as a daffy divorcee before getting allowed to rebound in her personal life.

We’re very happy to see January getting to remind us of her own real potential in this fascinating new photo shoot for Violet Grey–which is a classy magazine that features some of the smarter celebrity reporting out there. We’re especially pleased with their January Jones interview, and not just because of these sensationally sexy pics that accompany the text. You also get some impressively incisive insights from a simple Q&A format.

Sadly, that includes January informing us that–when asked, “Who do you most want to go to bed with, dead or alive?”–that she mostly fantasizes about Paul Newman or Rihanna. Maybe we could compete with Paul Newman nowadays, but Rihanna is pretty hot stuff.

And since Violet Grey likes to hand off Q&A questions to other fashion figures, we get some surprise guest lust from Eva Mendes, who tells January (via print), “When I first saw you on Mad Men, I loved you at first sight. I thought, along with the rest of America, here’s our new Grace Kelley. Did you feel the pressure to live up to that 1950’s perfection?”

We wish that we could say that January Jones responded with something flirty, but she settled for being modest. Dang. Anyway, it’s a great interview with plenty of hot pics, so check it out–and then enjoy the gallery below of more January, as she shows off her bod and an even more  impressive range…

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