Holly Holm Isn't A UFC Fighter Today, But Still A Knockout [PICS]

It’s kind of a sad day when we wake up to a world where Holly Holm isn’t part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship roster–but that seems to be the case as the controversial tough gal has put an end to rumors of getting in the ring for UFC. Actually, the folks at UFC seem to be in a hurry to put those rumors behind them. UFC President Dana White has declared that the organization is “not interested whatsoever” in adding Holly Holm to the big names in the biggest name in MMA fighting.
White is also saying that UFC is currently out of touch with boxing babe Gina Carano, too–which has us wondering which boxing beauty will be the next gal to give Ronda Rousey a real challenge in the ring. Anyway, none of this is going to help Holly’s reputation as a hot blonde who might very well have been the best welterweight fighter of the start of the century, but nowadays avoids tough bouts. In fact, she’s only had three fights outside of her hometown of Albuquerque, and one of those was still in New Mexico.

We don’t care if Holly Holm courts controversy, though, because she’s a built blonde boxing babe who we’d certainly like to be courting. And she’s certainly shown some real stamina in the ring. Besides, Holly’s been pretty outspoken about retiring this year, and she’d go out as a former champion in three different weight classes. We’re still not ready to give up our dreams of Holly in the UFC–and until we see what happens next, here are some dreamy pics that’ll turn even a pacifist into a big Holly fan…

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