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Buckwheat Groats Honor Tom Hanks With…Um, “Tom Hanks” [VIDEO]


Everything about this video homage to Tom Hanks is remarkable. As the Youtube description for this amazing video explains, “American heroes Buckwheat Groats and Tom Hanks unite to take a sh*t on your whole fu**ing life.” And you know what…they do. They really, really do. This video just gets better and better as you watch, so make sure to check out the whole thing. With Tom Hanks face superimposed on a random guy throughout, you get to see Mr. Hanks doing lines of cocaine, hanging out at da strip club and cruising around with the genius rap duo, Buckwheat Groats. With a hook like, “Bitch, I’m Tom Hanks,” it really just doesn’t get much better.

Dock them a few points for using so much footage from Bachelor Party, though. Otherwise–Happy Friday, Tom Hanks. You deserve at least five more rap songs dedicated to your awesomeness.

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