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The 50 Best Celebrity Butts: 2014 Edition [PHOTOS]


Courtesy of Jen Selter, Caitlin Rice, and Candice Swanepoel and their buttocks’ being in the news, there’s been a lot of debate going around our office as to the question “Which celebrity has the nicest butt?” I can’t exactly say that these disputes were bloodless, but I think that we did a pretty fantastic job ranking the best booties from #50 all the way to #1.

One of the toughest parts about this was that we only wanted to only list celebrities. Of course, the definition of that term has definitely changed over time (Kim Kardashian cough cough–she’s on here though no complaints) but we thought it’d be impossible to include every single one of those South American dime pieces who have 10’s. That’s another post for another day. So without further ado, let’s get started.

I’m just telling you this now, #1 might surprise you at first. She’s sneaky. But when you see who it is, you’ll find that you agree with us.¬†

Click on each celeb’s booty to see more of her photos

50. Eva Mendes 49. Ireland Baldwin 48. Stacey Kiebler

#50 Eva Mendes, #49 Ireland Baldwin, #48 Stacey Kiebler

47. Joanna Krupa 46. Helen Flanagan 45. Alessandra Ambrosio

#47 Joanna Krupa, #46 Helen Flanagan, #45 Alessandra Ambrosio

44. Brittney Palmer43. Selena Gomez42. Sara Jean Underwood

#44 Brittney Palmer, #43 Selena Gomez, #42 Sara Jean Underwood

41. Miranda Kerr 40. Irina Shayk 39. Laura Cremaschi copy

#41 Miranda Kerr, #40 Irina Shayk, #39 Laura Cremaschi

38. Sofia Vergara copy 37. Elisabetta Canalis copy 36. Ana Beatriz Barros copy

#38 Sofia Vergara, #37 Elisabetta Canalis, #36 Ana Beatriz Barros

35. Rhianna copy 34. Gisele Bundchen copy 33. Valerie Van Der Graaf copy

#35 Rhianna, #34 Gisele Bundchen, #33 Valerie Van Der Graaf

32. Maria Menounous copy 31. Mena Suvari copy 30. Jen Selter copy

#32 Maria Menounous, #31 Mena Suvari, #30 Jen Selter

29. Jennifer Lopez copy 28. Hayden Panetierre copy 27. JuJu copy

#29 Jennifer Lopez, #28 Hayden Panetierre, #27 Juju (Camron’s Wifey)

25. Jessica Biel copy 24. Adriana Lima copy 23. Nicki Minaj copy

#25 Jessica Biel, #24 Adriana Lima, #23 Nicki Minaj

22. Catalina Otalvaro copy 21. Kelly Brook copy 20. Caitlin Rice copy

#22 Catalina Otalvaro, #21 Kelly Brook, #20 Caitlin Rice

19. Shakira copy 18. Anna Kournikova copy 17. Jessica Alba copy

#19 Shakira, #18 Anna Kournikova, #17 Jessica Alba

16. Jennifer Nicole Lee copy 15. Lady Gaga copy 14. Luisana Lopilato copy

#16 Jennifer Nicole Lee, #15 Lady Gaga, #14 Luisana Lopilato

13. Kimberley Garner copy 12. Alex Morgan copy 11. Claudia Romani copy

#13 Kimberley Garner, #12 Alex Morgan, #11 Claudia Romani

10. Coco Austin copy 9. Beyonce copy 8. Aubrey Oday copy

#10 Coco Austin, #9 Beyonce, #8 Aubrey O’Day

7. Vida Guerra copy 6. Candice Swanepoel copy 5. Miss BumBum Brazil Dai Macedo copy

#7 Vida Guerra, #6 Candice Swanepoel, #5 Miss BumBum Dai Macedo

4. Ashley Sky copy 3. Kim Kardashian copy 2. Anastasia Ashley copy

#4 Ashley Sky, #3 Kim Kardashian, #2 Anastasia Ashley



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