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Peta Sergeant on “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Peta Sergeant on Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

(8:00 PM EST, NBC)

It isn’t often that graduates of Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art go on to star in softcore erotica–at least, your See Her Tonight column can’t think of many more besides Peta Sergeant. That’s okay, though, because we think of Peta Sergeant a lot. Right now, we’re thinking about how we never thought that Peta Sergeant would make it into our living rooms after starting her career with the kind of baffling filmography that really appeals to guys like us.

And yet here we have Peta playing the Jabberwocky in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland–and it’s taken a few episodes for us to notice that it’s Peta Sergeant in the role. Literary types will know that the Jabberwocky of Lewis Carroll’s imagination is a weird kind of creature. Peta Sergeant has an offbeat beauty, and we’ll admit that she can look awfully weird on the show. That doesn’t keep Peta from joining Once Upon A Time in Wonderland‘s list of fantastic beauties like Emma Rigby.

Anyway, Peta had a pretty long career going in Australia before we discovered her in Satisfaction, where she played a lesbian dominatrix on the television show about busy sex workers. It was a smart series that played like a mix between Mad Men and your average Skinemax late-night fare. We didn’t think that we’d get to see Peta again, but she ended up being the best thing about the bizarro Nazis-from-space sci-fi movie Iron Sky. That was back in 2012, and then she showed up in a nurse uniform for a 2013 remake of the classic Aussie thriller Patrick.

Now it looks like Peta Sergeant has landed in Los Angeles and is getting lots of attention. She just showed up on an episode of The Originals two nights ago, so it’s already a very busy month for the gal. Now enjoy some pics of this awesome Aussie that’ll get you busy, too…

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