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Justine Ezarik: 30 Defiantly Sexy Pics as iJustine Turns 30 [PHOTOS]


So what happens when a pioneering Geek Goddess who’s made a living as a fan girl on the internet hits her thirties? We’re about to find out as Justine Ezarik–beloved in some geek circles as iJustine–turns 30 years old today. And we know that some people are hoping this is actually the end of iJustine, who’s committed the cosmic crime of acting really cute while playing video games and pretty much making a living from being┬áJustine Ezarik.

We don’t really know what to make of a gal who sports a Slayer t-shirt and makes fun of Nickelback while enthusiastically attending a Bon Jovi concert. We will, however, take a stand against folks who complain whenever Justine (or iJustine, for that matter) shows up on various Hot Lists as a hot babe. After all, there’s no denying that Justine Ezarik has been pretty hot ever since she posted a pic of her 300-page iPhone bill in 2007.

Since then, she’s become one of the biggest names in internet fame with massive followings on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. The coal miner’s daughter has also used her fame to get work as an actress, and who can blame her? She’s blonde and blue-eyed and…oh, that’s the problem.

Yeah, some geeks resent the attention that Justine gets as just another pretty face, and we hear a lot about how she’s not really that hot, and people hate it when she’s on a list of Sexiest Anythings. But we say that a gal like Justine can’t flood the internet with pics without scoring the occasional truly sexy shot. And we’re celebrating Justine’s dedication with 30 of our favorite iJustine pics that get us–well, less iRritated…

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