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Natasha Leggero on “Suburgatory” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Natasha Leggero on Suburgatory

(8:30 PM EST, ABC)

It looks like Suburgatory is winding down its sitcom life, and that’s no great loss–although your See Her Tonight column has fond memories of guest stars like Malin Akerman, Jane Levy, and both Kara and Katelyn Pacitto. We’re also sorry to see Suburgatory ending just as Natasha Leggero starts showing up in a recurring role. This quirky comedic cutie is way underappreciated as both a sex symbol and a comic–although she’s working steadily enough for us to regularly have her in our living rooms.

We’ll gladly be grateful to Chelsea Handler for keeping Natasha on our televisions. That’s courtesy of both regular appearances on Chelsea Lately and Natasha landing a regular role on the short-lived Laura Prepon sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? Natasha was hard to miss as a waitress whose tight t-shirts regularly served up some enticing sideboob.

We actually first noticed Natasha back in 2006, when she showed up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as a stripper, and we thought to ourselves, “Hey, that gal’s too cute to be a hired bimbo, and  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t hire mere bimbos, anyway.” (See also: Mindy Robinson and Symba.) That’s also when we learned that Natasha was causing a sensation in L.A. with her comedy work on stage. Then we were pleasantly surprised to see her on the big screen in the 2009 romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You–which is the same year that we found her doing voiceover work on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Natasha has stayed busy ever since doing all kinds of really hip work. Suburgatory was actually really mainstream for her. Fortunately, Natasha also likes getting edgy, and we’re very grateful to her for posing in character while promoting her Coke Money album. You’ll see a few of those sexy shots here (yes, that’s sexy), along with other pics that’ll definitely put a smile in your pants on your face…

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