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Maggie Q: The Best Thing To Watch At The “Divergent” Premiere [PICS]


Maggie Q is in the new movie Divergent–although she sure isn’t seen in much of the marketing, because Maggie Q is obviously an old lady now and can’t be seen in ads for a teen movie. But guess who had the last laugh at the film’s premiere? That would be Maggie Q. While it’s true that Divergent is a real disappointment, we can’t deny that it’s great to see Maggie on the big screen. Especially since her last movie was the box-office bomb Priest, and she disappeared from our living rooms when The CW canceled Nikita at the end of last year.

But we think the world’s going to notice that Maggie Q is in Divergent now. She wrapped (or unwrapped herself in an amazing outfit that showed off plentiful…well, not sideboob. More like sidebody, with Maggie’s magnificent curves pretty much on display to the world. Who’s her designer? We’d say somebody who was too busy to actually finish the dress, and more power to that label.

Maggie needs to remind Hollywood that she’s around, too. The only other upcoming project she has is A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island, and we hope that indie’s more interesting than the only Jekyll Island that we know. We spent a weekend at Jekyll Island in Georgia and couldn’t conspire anything more interesting than getting drunk everyday in the rustic environs.

Anyway, we’re very happy to see Maggie Q–who’s about to turn an ancient 35 years old this year–show her young costars how to work the red carpet. We wouldn’t have minded if the dress was cut down a little lower, but Scarlett Johansson has already provided plenty of action on that end this month. Now enjoy these pics that show off the other ends of Maggie Q…

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