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L’Wren Scott & 49 Other Ladies Of the Rolling Stones [GALLERY]


It’s another sad day in the fashion world as L’Wren Scott continues to be mourned after her suicide at the age of 49 years old–and a reminder in the rock world that the Rolling Stones still surround themselves with fascinating women. In fact, the most fascinating thing about L’Wren Scott is that she managed to keep Mick Jagger as a longtime boyfriend despite being close to half his age. It’s still kind of sad to think that L’Wren is getting most of her media attention for the effect that she’s having on the Rolling Stones’ current tour.

Anyway, we always thought L’Wren looked really cool, and she was a fine addition to the amazing roster of ladies who’ve been associated with the Rolling Stones over the years. Take a look at L’Wren and 49 other gals who’ve helped the Rolling Stones rock for over 50 years now. It’s a pretty amazing lineup that we’re pretty sure the Beatles couldn’t come close to matching. See for yourself…

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