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Miley Cyrus Played Houston And Got Kind of Wild… [PHOTOS]


It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at Miley Cyrus and the Bangerz Tour, and the show really does deserve some attention. You could say that she’s demanding it. And we were especially impressed to learn that Miley had found a big crowd in Houston to fill up her show at the city’s Toyota Center. We’re also happy to report that Miley is still making her big entrance by sliding her own giant tongue. We were afraid that people were being denied that experience after a roadie’s recent lawsuit.

It’s also looking like Miley has really settled into her schticks during these shows. She still spreads her legs while buffing the body of a car during “Love Money Party”–with her marijuana catsuit still stealing the show. Miley has kind of toned down the simulated masturbation, though. That might’ve been out of respect to Houston, though. We’ll be surprised if she tones that down for tonight’s show in New Orleans.

Miley also still likes to curse, and she’s still singing to stuffed animals cavorting on stage. Hannah Montana fans can also rely on “Can’t Be Tamed” as Miley’s one throwback to her teen idol past–except for “Party in the USA,” which keeps closing the show in a display of patriotic fervor. There’s also the reliable cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” with “Love is Like a Butterfly” sometimes added. And the foam finger also continues to represent.

Sadly, it has to be a special occasion for Miley to stick her face into the huge breasts of backup dancer Amazon Ashley. At least that saves us the trouble of following her around like she was the Grateful Dead. Anyway, enjoy the show–and don’t forget to check out Miley’s sexiest GIFs, and pics of the pop star on her worst behavior

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