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“Drunk History” Returns to Comedy Central this June [VIDEO]



Drunk History  is officially returning to Comedy Central for another season. That’s according to creator Derek Waters, who announced today on Twitter that season two will be premiering on Tuesday, June 24th, at 10pm. We couldn’t be more excited for another amazing season of the show, which should clock in at 10 episodes long. That’s two more episodes than we had in the first season. 

The show was created by Waters and Jeremy Konner, and features intoxicated comedians retelling historical events, which are reenacted by well-known actors. Guest stars last season included Kristen Wiig, Bob Odenkirk, Jack Black, Will Forte, and many more. Between Two Ferns has been getting most of the Funny or Die press right now (thanks to the recent appearance by President Obama), but  Drunk History still ranks as one of the funniest sketch series to emerge from the site. 

Let’s hope the show keeps its format from last season of three historical retellings per episode. That would give us 30 new hilarious sketches. Make sure and check out the epic Drunk History Vol 1 from 2007, way before Comedy Central was smart enough to pick up the show… 

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