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Pamela Anderson Ran A Marathon & Got Nude For PURPLE Magazine [PICS]


A lot of people were excited when Pamela Anderson showed up in Manhattan last year to run the New York City Marathon–but it turns out that guys will get more excited about what she did afterwards. The classy French fashion publication Purple has a nude layout of the eternal Baywatch beauty that was supposedly shot right after Pamela had finished the race. The pics are hot enough to be NSFW, so watch out for this link–but you’ll still want to take a look real soon.

Much of the credit goes to photographer Sante D’Orazio, who has the rare honor of being the guy who’s most likely to shoot Pamela Anderson naked. That’s because he’s one of Pamela’s favorite photographers, and even produced an exhibition of photos dedicated to her back in 2005. As you’ll see at that Purple link, Pamela’s bod hasn’t changed much over the recent years. In fact, her bod hasn’t changed much since the ’90s, although the Purple shoot features Pam in a hot short haircut. There’s something new.

We just get a kick out of seeing that Pamela still has that barbed-wire tattoo that she got to play the title character in 1996’s Barb Wire. That’s the superheroine bomb that pretty much ended Pamela’s big-screen career, but she doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings. We also can’t help but notice that Pamela didn’t just cut the head on her hair to prep for the marathon. You’ll see what we mean when you click over to those photos–but if you’re still at work, then start working on these perfectly SFW Pamela Anderson GIFs, and maybe follow up with some amazing shots from her ’90s RollerGirl shoot….

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