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Cameron Diaz Has Trouble Staying In A Bikini [14 PHOTOS]


Cameron Diaz and a bunch of her gal pals went off to the Caribbean for a vacation, and it pretty much went the way that we would’ve imagined it going. Specifically, we got to see Cameron frolic in the water and take a bunch of selfies and then have a bikini malfunction that had her making use of an improvised handbra.

The only way that things could’ve gone better would’ve involved Cameron asking a studly COED editor for a little help fixing up her misbehaving bikini. Except that would required us actually being in the Caribbean, and also a pretty drastic revamping of the definition of “studly.”

The fact remains that Cameron Diaz sure does have trouble keeping her bikini on her fine bod, and we’re very happy to report that she even eventually gave up on the whole thing and walked around topless. Which is all documented in these very important photos. Now we’re just hoping that we get this kind of action when Cameron pairs up with the pair of Kate Upton in the upcoming The Other Woman. (You can check out our very detailed look at Kate’s bikini shots from that movie right here.)

You know, we’re not sure why Cameron didn’t bring Kate along for this Caribbean vacation. That’s probably for the best, though. This whole vacation has been exciting enough for us, and we didn’t even get out of the office. Now you should do a little jet-setting yourself and enjoy Cameron’s vacation photos. Assuming you weren’t there, either…

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