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Brittany Ishibashi on Castle

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

Tonight’s episode of Castle is called “The Way of the Ninja” and seemingly features an actual Ninja–which is a pretty smart way to get the internet talking. Maybe next week’s episode will have somebody murdered by stepping on a Lego block. Anyway, your See Her Tonight column couldn’t help but notice that the plot also meant that there might be a few favorite Asian actresses in the cast–and, hey, here we have Brittany Ishibashi joining the cast of Castle cuties like Maya Stojan, Sarah Molasky, Hannah Marks, and Yvonne Zima.

Brittany has been around for a surprisingly long while, and first caught our eye way back in 2003 on Miss Match. That failed Alicia Silverstone sitcom wasn’t memorable for much more than Brittany Ishibashi in an elf costume. Then she showed up on 24, and we were thinking that Brittany was on the fast track to stardom. But this is Hollywood, of course, so Britttany ended up being misused for the most part. She worked steadily, but Brittany didn’t get the showcase that she deserved.

Things began to turn around in 2010, though. Brittany showed up on Supernatural as a kick-ass ghostbuster, and that was turned into a fun web series for a while. Then she got a nice role on Political Animals that had Brittany holding her own with Sigourney Weaver (and Ellen Burstyn) as a young lady marrying into a powerful political family. Brittany followed that up with a supporting role in the short-lived Emily Owens M.D.. Now we’re happy to see that she’s following up this Castle turn with some guesting on Mind Games with Jaime Ray Newman. Let’s hope that Hollywood treats Brittany better this time around–and here are some pics to remind you how great that’ll be for guys…

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