A Dozen Dogs That Hate St. Patrick's Day [PHOTOS]

So let’s imagine that you’re a dog and you’re just minding your own business when May 17th rolls around–which is just another day in your happy existence–but then your owner comes strolling up and starts telling you how cute you’re about to look for St. Patrick’s Day. Actually, that’s not too different from when your girlfriend comes back from shopping with a fabulous new outfit that’s supposed to change your total look.
A dutiful dog, however, is just probably going to get all excited over the idea of some kind of impending treat–and then it’s 10 minutes later and they’ve gotten their paws stuck into some kind of idiotic outfit, and there’s something over their eyes, and there’s almost always a hat, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and a dog has to wear a hat so that the poor thing almost looks human, you know.
Yeah, it sucks being a dog on St. Patrick’s Day. Especially now that there’s an internet where a dog can get exploited for all kinds of attention on Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr and other outlets where these poor pooches ended up getting exploited. So take a stroll to appreciate how lucky you are this St. Patrick’s Day, and be grateful that you’re not being exploited–or at least not until your bar tab rolls around later tonight…

But we have to admit that this one is pretty cool…

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