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Rachael Taylor onĀ Crisis

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

Crisis debuts tonight as the latest series to feature awesome Aussie model-turned-actress Rachael Taylor–and after the bombs of the Charlie’s Angels reboot and 666 Park Avenue, it’ll be a crisis for this built blonde if folks don’t tune in to the show. Your humble See Her Tonight column is a little surprised to see a name like Rachael Taylor sporting such a bad track record, too. We usually expect America to catch on pretty quick to Australian supermodels making a bid to break big in Hollywood.

Rachael has sure had some splashy roles. She first caught a lot of American guys’ eyes with her turn as ’80s sex symbol Catherine Oxenberg in a 2005 TV-movie about the making of the Dynasty television series. Then she made it to the multiplexes as one of the hot babes being terrorized by a serial killer (played by Kane) in the 2006 WWE production See No Evil.

That was followed by a big leap to classier productions with a turn in 2007’s Transformers. Rachael then took the lead in a pretty good 2008 adaptation of the Asian horror hit Shutter. That one went underseen, though, and Rachael was soon back to the small screen with a stint on Grey’s Anatomy.

And now we have her coming off two quickly-canceled series. We’re still hoping for the best with Crisis, and are happy to showcase Rachael as a series lead in a column usually reserved for guest stars. Rachael’s always welcome as a guest in our living room, so we’ll be giving Crisis a try–and here are some pics that should inspire you to do the same….

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