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SXSW Vomit Artist Millie Brown Cleans Up Real Nice [PICS]


Millie Brown has been throwing up on Lady Gaga since 2011, but this was the week that the world noticed–courtesy of Millie Brown throwing up on Lady Gaga at the SXSW Music Fest. The special occasion, of course, was a concert sponsored by Doritos which was based upon the idea of being bold. You know, being bold for an artist doesn’t involve doing something that was already done a few years ago. We’re reminded of the confrontational artist who once stuck a syringe into his own head because he was so pissed off that we asked him to do a routine that he’d already done three years earlier. We didn’t end up working with the guy, but we sure respected him.

Anyway, now the world (or a segment of it) knows that Millie Brown makes art by drinking colored milk and then regurgitating it upon a canvas. Pretty tame, actually. The good news, though, is that Millie is a n attractive redhead who looks pretty good when she isn’t vomiting on pop stars. And, in her role as a conceptual artist, Millie is also eager to supply plenty of pics to show the world.

Sadly, Millie isn’t our idea of a dream date. She’s the kind of gal who thinks that quoting Charles Bukowski speaking in praise of a woman somehow implies that Charles Bukowski was talking about a woman like Millie Brown. That is not necessarily the case.

Anyway, that’s as judgmental as we care to get. Lady Gaga’s already got us ranting about how SXSW has become helplessly corporate, and that’s not exactly an innovative thought. So just enjoy these pics–and do some of them involve sexual fetishwear? Well, of course…

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