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Teen Gal Takes Plane Crash Selfie, Joins Our Gallery Of Greats [PICS]


US Airways Plane Crash Selfie

So we had US Airways Jet 1702 taking off en route to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when it crashed because a tire blew out during takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport. The jet was carrying 149 passengers and five crew members, but no injuries were reported. What did get reported was a major breakout of social media. Some people–like passenger Dennis Fee–simply took a picture of the plane crash. But let’s hear it for passenger Hannah Udren, who took the time for the above selfie shot, in addition to filming a thrilling video…

Sadly, that selfie contradicts Hannah’s breathless reporting of, “Oh my God, the plane is on fire.” We’re glad that she was wrong, of course, and maybe we shouldn’t judge a gal who just wanted to enjoy Spring Break and ended up being evacuated down an aircraft’s emergency slides. At least we can’t argue with Hannah closing the video with, “I’m not going to Florida.” She got that right–but the 18-year-old isn’t even attending Tulane University yet, so there are plenty more Spring Breaks in her future.

And even though things weren’t nearly as bad as Hannah initially thought, we’re still going to take her photo to make an official Top Ten of The Best Post-Accident Selfies. Check out our original 9 favorite post-accident selfies below, along with some info on how these people got that way. We’re pretty sure that Hannah will agree that she got off easy…


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