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Quizno’s Files For Bankruptcy, Does Anyone Care



Can you remember the last time you ate at Quizno’s? Yeah, that’s what we thought. That’s also the reason that the restaurant chain just filed for bankruptcy.

The move is expected to ease a listed debt of $500 million by more than $400 million. Fans of the chain shouldn’t freak out, though. There won’t beĀ any closings among the chain’s 2,100 stores, which are mostly franchised. Call us crazy but with this and the recent Sbarro bankruptcy, it’s almost like the universe is telling these restaurant chains to start making good food. Seriously, if Sbarro’s and Quizno’s are your two favorite restaurants, you’ve got a lot of living to do before you end this life.

That said, we wish the best to you Quizno’s–hopefully, happier times are ahead of you. Don’t let the giants like Subway get you down.

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