Lili Simmons on "Banshee" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Lili Simmons on Banshee

(10:00 PM EST, Cinemax)

It was just about this time last year that your See Her Tonight column was watching the end of the first season of Banshee and wondering how Lili Simmons hadn’t become a breakout star. The answer, of course, was that Banshee is on Cinemax, which meant that Lili was as hard to discover as gals like Indira Varma and Michelle Lukes–not to mention fellow Banshee star Ivana Milicevic. But things are going a lot better for Lili Simmons as the second season of Banshee comes to a close tonight.
That’s because Lili Simmons is wrapping up Banshee while also coming off a very memorable turn on the very popular HBO crime drama True Detective–where she got lots of guys truly excited as a T-Mobile store employee who took a wild ride on Woody Harrelson. We could make that sentence longer, you know, but we will  not.
But as much as people love True Detective (and horny T-Mobile store employees), we’re really big fans of Lili Simmons work as Amish hottie Rebecca Bowman–who’s a good girl at home, and then likes to head out to night for her second job as a rebellious wild child with a penchant for crime and impulsive sex. The worst thing about the end of Banshee‘s first season was the suggestion that Lili might sit out the second season, but she’s really done some great work this year in the underseen show.
Maybe Hollywood will finally catch up with Lili’s star power–but for now, we can only recommend her fine work in the indie film Fat Kid Rules the World as an example of her work on the big screen. So let’s keep enjoying Lili on cable for now, and these pics for right now

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