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Lady Gaga Writhed In Vomit At SXSW [VIDEO]


So here’s the video that will serve as the historical record of when the SXSW Music Fest officially became uncool, as Lady Gaga writhed in fake vomit during a show that was sponsored by Doritos. Maybe we’re just troubled by the “fake” part of this video–or maybe we’re troubled by how it’s now impossible to dismiss a decade of complaints that SXSW has become a dreary collection of corporate displays masquerading as a music festival.

Anyway, here’s the deal: Lady Gaga showed up at SXSW to play a show where you could only get in if you did something that the Doritos brand deemed to be officially bold enough to warrant a ticket. We’re pretty sure that setting fire to a Doritos display wouldn’t have counted. It was already one of the dopiest things happening at SXSW–and things got worse when Lady Gaga couldn’t even fake enthusiasm in a video made to promote the corporate whoring.

So the show had to be a real spectacle of boldness, including Lady Gaga riding a mechanical bull because that’s what Texas means to a rich girl from Manhattan. And she had to ride it with a girl named Millie Brown for some lesbian intrigue that kind of got derailed when Millie stuck down her fingers down her throat and threw up on Lady Gaga.

Which you can see above, but it’s not real vomit, and it’s not real art, and it’s not real exhibitionism. It’s actually a real disappointment that this is the hottest video out of SXSW this morning. We know this isn’t as bad as a fatal car wreck, but, still, yeesh.

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