Bikini Girls Getting Pied For Pi Day [GIFs]

March 14 is Pi Day, of course, because everybody knows that it translates into 3/14,  and the numbers 3, 1, and 4 are the three most significant digits of pi (as represented by π) in the decimal form of this mathematical constant for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Which, everyone also knows, is approximately equal to 3.14159, but we round that off so we can celebrate Pi Day.
And now our brains hurt. Anyway, Pi Day is observed at many colleges–usually by eating pie, or throwing pies, or discussing the significance of pi. Can you guess which of those activities were most likely to involve COED staffers? Yeah. We don’t even talk about the significance of pi when we’re measuring circles for fun.
But now we’re hosting this online collection of joltin’ GIFs, as bikini babes skip the metaphysical ponderings of pi and get physical with pies. All kinds of pies, too. You’re about to enjoy the best Pi Day ever–and we’re pretty sure that there’s no way that a sexual fetish could possibly be involved here.
In fact, let’s give a tip of the hat to for being the source of many of these pics. You can tell by the name that they’re just interested in hot gals in bikini who are paying tribute to classic comedy. You know, like the Three Stooges, who probably never celebrated Pi Day, but would certainly celebrate this gallery.
But be patient, folks. These are some high-def GIFs here, so you might have a little bit of a wait time for them to load–but you wouldn’t want anything shoddy for Pi Day, right?…

Lili Simmons on "Banshee" [SEE HER TONIGHT]
Lili Simmons on "Banshee" [SEE HER TONIGHT]
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