Aki Hoshino: Happy Birthday To Japan's Gift To Guys [PHOTOS]

It’s the birthday of notorious Japanese model Aki Hoshino, and we’ll go ahead and reveal that she’s 37 years old–and we’re showing you plenty of recent pics. Remember that the next time that People magazine is gushing over the natural youthfulness of some 30-year-old starlet on her third round of plastic surgery. We’re pretty sure that Aki Hoshino is all natural, and we’ve really studied her photos very carefully.
Anyway, Aki is one of Japan’s most beloved bikini models, and she blows away stereotypes about the Japanese by flaunting her amazing bod in impressively wholesome photo shoots. The Tokyo native started out as a regular enough model as a teen, but her blooming body soon cast her as an outsider in the Japanese fashion scene. Fortunately, Aki refused to be shamed and won over her country men as a brazen bikini model.
That would lead to plenty of low-budget videos–with her debuting in 2002 with I am Hoshino Aki. That was more of a documentary. Aki first caught our eye in a 2004 production called Death Row Girls. She played a prisoner in that one, and she seemed totally innocent to us.
Of course, Aki also had to release a pop album, and that did pretty well for her. And even though it’s been a few Aki’s been in front of the movie camera, she’s still a beloved model–and these pics will show you why Aki appeals in any language…

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