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Nikki Giavasis Is 30, We Celebrate With 34 Sexy Shots [PHOTOS]


It’s the 30th birthday of Nikki Giavasis, and she’s our kind of genius. The model/actress/businesswoman/author doesn’t just have an inspiring bod, though. She also has an inspiring attitude–as seen by this recent morning message to her devoted followers…

Good morning. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day. Affirm your day. Believe in the power and magic of the Universe. Tap into the etheric energy. Your thoughts create your world. Believe all has happened for a reason to strengthen and better you. Release the past with forgiveness. Embrace the present with enthusiasm. Prepare for the future with optimism.

So let’s start with another look at Nikki. This makes us feel plenty optimistic…

We don’t doubt for an instance that Nikki Giavasis has an amazing IQ and only went to Hollywood after the fitness model got tired of working as a financial advisor. That’s her official story and we’re sticking with it. But we will also note that the former NFL cheerleader has built an amazing reputation as a gal pal to pro players–including a relationship with NBA great Shawn Kemp that landed Nikki plenty of cash in child support. That might be why she’s never had to put too much work into an acting career that peaked with a role on Reno 911! in 2009.

But, as noted, Nikki is now a more spiritual gal–and we’re devoted followers of her daily affirmations via Tumblr, and her beautifying pics that abound on her Instagram account, and the happy thoughts that she shares via Twitter. We’re pretty sure that Nikki isn’t going to embarrass us like that time we went retro for Tila Tequila right before she became a Nazi. Yeah. Sorry about that.

Nikki’s dating history also includes a psycho named Bobby Cutts, Jr., and here’s a transcript of her talking about that sad relationship. We’d say that Nikki deserves any happiness she has after surviving that weirdness–and now we’re going to get happy with some inspiring photographs…

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