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NBC’s “Constantine” Doesn’t Know How To Tie A Tie



NBC released the first image of their vision of the comic book hero Constantine and he looks like someone who still needs a bit of help from his mum when it comes to tying his trademark tie.

The new show Constantine is based on the DC Comics stories of private detective John Constantine who specializes in fighting the horrors of the underworld as they try to invade and take over the Earth. The comic book character was also adapted into a movie starring Keanu Reeves in the title role. It seems that NBC has tried to make an earnest attempt to create a TV character that looks faithful to the comic book character in order to appease their reverence for the fans, especially for a character created by comic book legends Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben. Actor Matt Ryan, best known for playing Mick Rawson onĀ Criminal Minds, actually looks pretty close to the comic book version. However, they’ve overlooked one noticeable problem: the tie.

constantine full

Every gruff detective character needs to have a loosened tie hanging from their neck to show how overworked and stressed they are but this Constantine’s displays an astounding lack of basic fashion sense. Anybody with a rudimentary understanding of tying a tie who also possesses a mirror knows that a tie looks really dumb when it’s too short. If you’re going with the loosened tie look, the end of the tie should extend just past your waist. That way when you tighten it up again, it should cinch up to the normal height. Imagine if he decided to tighten up his tie in that photo. It would be so short that he’d look like some kind of third grader proudly showing off to his mother that he learned to tie a tie all by himself because he’s a big boy now.

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