Michelle Jenneke Hurdles The Shark And Does Worldstar Hip Hop Video

We love us some Michelle Jenneke–arguably the world’s hottest hurdler–but we were really surprised to see that she did a video with WorldStar Hip Hop. No, she’s not on the giving or receiving end of any knockout punches, she’s the focus of their newest sexy video series. Here’s the behind-the-scenes video that was posted to Worldstar’s Instagram:

It’s hot, no doubt about it. Michelle’s got a smoking body and we were excited to see her in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue last year, but doing a WSHH video is something completely different. They specialize in pretty, um, sexual content. What ever happened to that cute Aussie who captured our hearts with that famous warm-up dance?

Are we guilty of holding Michelle to a double-standard? Maybe. Yes. Probably. We’re big fans of the WSHH video of Miss COED Sarai Rollins and we’re excited to see Lauren Hanley’s full video whenever they finish it, but those are two women who are models. We fell in love with Michelle because she was an athlete first and dimepiece second. Sports Illustrated was a perfect fit for Michelle, simply because it’s SI. That video she did with The Chive was a great fit because she it was cute and fun. But this is Worldstar Hip Hop!

Granted we’ve only seen a little bit of the video and she’s welcome to do whatever the hell she likes but I’m really hoping that she still maintains a little bit of innocence. I kind of thought that was her strong suit (along with her tight bod) otherwise she might get lost in the pack.

Check out some of her behind-the-scenes photos for yourself and let us know your thoughts if you have any.

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