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Lindsey Duke’s Flabongo + Naked Cowboy For 20 Days Of Spring Break [PHOTOS]


College football and Spring Break go hand in hand, as we saw yesterday with Red Lighting and now Lindsey Duke taking down a Flabongo (a flamingo beer bong). She seems t0 be taking that thing down like a complete champion.

We also learned that the Naked Cowboy has relocated to Anna Maria island down in Florida. These are kinds of things you pick up on when you’re searching through people’s Instagram getting excited for a Spring Break trip of your own.

Killington kind of let us down in terms of getting all wild ‘n’ sh*t so we decided on showing you some of our favorite highlights from what the world is doing for Spring Break. Tomorrow we’ll return to our regularly scheduled 20 Days of Spring Break when we skip ahead to Panama City Beach to give you all a preview of what we’ll see this weekend.

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