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Ana De La Reguera on “Anger Management” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Ana De La Reguera on Anger Management

(9:30 PM EST, FX)

Your See Her Tonight column is pretty easygoing, but we’re always getting angry over Anger Management. That’s because the show previews episodes with titles like “Charlie and the World’s Sexiest Hooker” or “Charlie and the Nympho Supermodel” without ever listing the guest cast. We’ve managed to feature regulars like Daniela Bobadilla, Selma Blair, and Noureen DeWolf, but it’s been tough to figure out the guest stars.

So we’re really proud of ourselves to confirm that Ana de la Reguera stars in tonight’s episode titled “Charlie and the Hot Latina.” There’s some truth in advertising, and probably a good way to make sure that Charlie Sheen showed up for work that week. Ana de la Reguera is, in fact, a hot Latina who was born in Veracruz. She quickly became a big star on Mexican television, and then went international with a starring role alongside Jack Black in 2006’s Nacho Libre. That comedy couldn’t make her a star, though, and Ana didn’t fare much better with the 201o comedy Cop Out.

A lot more people probably saw her in a (too short) stint on Danny McBride’s HBO show Eastbound & Down–but then Ana’s bad luck in American multiplexes continued with her fine work in 2011’s Cowboys & Aliens. Ana’s stayed in demand internationally, though, and we should be grateful that she’s still willing to grace America with an appearance in our living rooms. Check out the pics below, and get angry that Hollywood still hasn’t figured out what to do with this beauty

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