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Viktoriya Dov on Mixology

(9:30 PM EST, ABC)

There’s a lot going on with Mixology, which has a very interesting premise as a sitcom that takes place over the course of a single night of barhopping. Your humble See Her Tonight column has already checked out lead actress Ginger Gonzaga, but the show is also a big payday for extras who get to hang out in the background for an entire season–including hot gals like Viktoriya Dov.
She’s also done some modeling under the name of Viktoriya Dovgan, but this exotic beauty deserves a starring role under any name. She was born in the Ukraine and came to America with her family way back in 2000–and quickly grew up to be a gal with dreams of Hollywood. Fortunately for us all, Viktoriya made those dreams come true with a trip to L.A.
Unfortunately, Hollywood hasn’t been too quick to embrace Viktoriya. At least, not as quick as we would–but she’s doing pretty well as a model, and you can see plenty of her on film courtesy of her Youtube channel. We’re also in on the ground floor with her Twitter account.
And now we have Viktoriya in our living rooms for what will hopefully be a very long stretch with Mixology. She’s dressed in a really nice outfit, too–and looks a lot sexier than if she’d landed a job hanging out at Central Perk for the duration of Friends. That would’ve probably been more lucrative, but you can do your part to support Mixology by tuning in tonight. These pictures should make you feel a lot better about that idea…

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