“Sex Box” Coming to American Television

Television viewers in the United Kingdom are privy to some raunchy stuff—think of that giant inflatable penis on the British version of The Office, and how such a thing just wouldn’t fly on, say, The Big Bang Theory.  But we in the States will soon enjoy some UK-style filth as basic cable’s WE tv imports their popular reality series Sex Box.

The premise of the show is based, ostensibly, on the notion that couples are at their most open and candid post-coitus—so why not let them go at it, hidden away in a soundproof box, and then meet with a panel of sex and relationship “experts” immediately afterward to hash out their differences?  In more practical terms, however, the show’s appeal would likely boil down to, “There’s a couple screwing in that box.  I might like to watch that.”  That we’ll later get to hear these couples call each other out on personal inadequacies like pubic grooming and ejaculatory misfires would just be the frosting on the cake.

Unlike the aforementioned The Office and Skins, Sex Box hasn’t had much of a stateside following prior to its emigration, so we aren’t entirely sure what sort of nuance to expect (though the more impatient among you can get a taste of the original here, assuming YouTube hasn’t yanked it).  What we’re relatively certain of is that, just like The Office and Skins, English pundits will be taking to the blogosphere to complain about how the Americans have dumbed down another one of their beloved shows—as if it doesn’t get dumber than sex in a box.

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