Red Lightning And FSU Cheerleaders Strike Key West For Spring Break

If you like college football, Key West is the place to be right now. A handful of members from the SEC football programs (including FSU + their cheerleaders, UGA Bulldogs, and USC Gamecocks) are all down there living the #conchlife on the beach, but the real draw there is Frankie “Red Lightning” Grizzle-Malgrat. He’s looking like the most popular man in town right now.

Check out how many people are taking their photos with the NCAA Champion Ball Boy. It’s a lot. We can appreciate that a redhead like Frankie wears longsleeves and a big hat to stay out of the sun, but where are your floaties man? If you’re not already, pretty soon you’re going to be drowning in it.

As part of our journey through the 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations, we were supposed to bring you a fun look at San Juan today. Unfortunately, no one’s partying there just yet so we decided on going this route for today. Tomorrow we might do something similar unless Killington starts getting more turned up. C’mon, Vermont.

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