Lady Sif…Um, Jaimie Alexander Turns 30 Today [34 PHOTOS]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. landed its biggest Marvel Studios name yet last night with Jaimie Alexander, who stopped by as Lady Sif from the Thor movies to return evil Asgardian vixen Lorelei to her home planet. Or to Valhalla, or her alternate dimension. We’re not sure what Asgard is supposed to be nowadays.

But we know that Lady Sif is the greatest warrior woman in the place, and that Jaimie Alexander looks great in the role. She’s even managed to steal scenes from the likes of Natalie Portman and a 3D Katt Dennings. That’s good for Jaimie, too, since her other big film last year was The Last Stand, which bombled as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s big comeback movie.

That probably still felt like a big deal for the humble Texas gal, whose first big break was back in 2007 on the ABC Family show Kyle XY. It was kind of a shock when Jaimie landed the Sif role in Thor’s big-screen debut–but nobody had really heard of Tom Hiddleston, either, and that worked out fine.

Jaimie sure stood out at last year’s Dark World premiere in a skimpy outfit. We’ve certainly included some pics of that fine moment in the gallery below, in case you need to reacquaint yourself with Jaimie Alexander’s awesome presence. We’ve also included a pic of her in Wonder Woman garb, since she used to be rumored to land that dream role before it went to Gal Gadot.

For now, we’re looking forward to a dreamy pairing of Jaimie and Amber Heard in the upcoming London Fields. We had also been looking forward to Jaimie Alexander in our living rooms, so that was a great birthday present for everyone on the night before she turned 30 years old. Now let’s all celebrate with the gift of hot pics…

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