Hottest #Hooters Girls #Bored at Work Vines and Photos, Part 2

Great news, folks–the amazing waitresses of Hooters get plenty of break time! We know that they need those breaks, too, since they stay so busy serving up hundreds of plates of chicken wings and french fries and fried shrimp. And sometimes we see other people at the restaurant ordering food, too.

But it’s not like the amazing ladies of Hooters are going to just go sit in the back and eat something out of the snack machine and wait for their break to come to an end. You don’t get to be a Hooters waitress with that kind of attitude. Hooters is fun, and so are the ladies–and what’s even more fun is watching what the Hooters gals get up to when they’re freed up from their busy duties.

We’ve been very pleasantly surprised before by the waitress of Hooters when they’re not waitressing. Now it’s time for another lingering look–especially since we’ll be spending a lot of time there once March Madness starts up. Like we need that excuse. You sure won’t need one after you check out these finest Vine videos and plentiful pics of Hooters waitresses hard at play…

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