“13 Sins” Red Band Trailer: SXSW Horror Hit Looks Crazy Cool [VIDEO]

The SXSW FIlm Festival is over, and now we get a (fairly SFW) red band trailer for 13 Sins— which thrilled the SXSW crowd as one of the craziest genre films to play the event. And we’re not too surprised to report that the latest from the director of The Last Exorcism looks really great.

13 Sins is based on the Thai horror film 13: Game of Death, and stars Mark Webber as a man who finds himself stuck under a mountain of debt and a quick fix that can help him cover his losses. He gets a mysterious phone call from what sounds like a recorded message telling him that he’s been selected to take part in a new hidden camera game show in which he must completely 13 challenges in exchange for a mountain of money. If he fails to complete any of the challenges, he loses everything. Sounds simple, right? They get more and more gruesome as the game progresses.

We’ve seen horror movies that pit people in horrific challenges like Would You Rather? and Cheap Thrills starring David Koechner but director Daniel Stamm adds a couple of interesting twists with his take on the genre. First of all, the puppet master of this twisted game is anonymous, at least from the point of view of the trailer. He’s also being stalked and investigated by a police detective played by Sons of Anarchy’s Ron Perlman while he’s completing all of this bizarre and deadly challenges and learns that someone else may be playing the game alongside him and trying to pin his criminal challenges on him. Something with this many twists and turns just in the trailer is bound to have more in the full movie.

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