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Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Rogen Star in “True Detective 2” [VIDEO]



Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Seth Rogen spoofed HBO’s True Detective–because when a show breaks HBO Go because so many people were watching it at the same time, you’ve definitely got some very relevant material to work with.

For his first night of his Austin road trip at the SXSW festival on Monday, Kimmel told his very excited audience that he had an ultra exclusive look at the second season. “It is going to be set here in Austin next season,” he said. “We have a sneak peek of True Detective, Season Two.” Of course, it wasn’t an actual look, it was a hilarious spoof that Rogen and himself had put together to play off of the fact that no one knows who’s going to take over for Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson next season.

Kimmel also had rapper/pot aficionado Snoop Dogg on the show. No, we didn’t get his name wrong, Snoop changed his name officially back from Snoop Lion to Snoop Dogg again. We’re guessing that once the publicity of his reggae album had fizzled out, he decided that it was okay to just be a rapper again. Snoop discussed his love for Austin, Texas, the people and the food, his love for life and living each day like it’s your last one.  Snoop and Rogen seem like a stoner  match made in heaven. Perhaps it should actually be Snoop and Rogen on the next season of True Detective? Eh, maybe not.

Check out the funny True Detective spoof below:

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