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Jason Sudeikis is the Latest Star Attached to the “Fletch” Reboot


fletch Jason Sudeikis

Hollywood has been trying to bring us another Fletch movie for a long time. Now that Chevy Chase is too old (and too big of an a-hole) to play the intrepid newspaper reporter who writes a column under the name “Jane Doe,” the latest pitch has tapped another shining star from Saturday Night Live. [Image via David Shankbone/Flickr]

This time, Warner Bros. wants to cast Jason Sudeikis in the title role. The first two Fletch movies are based on the mystery novels of Gregory McDonald about a trouble making newspaper reporter who uncovers stories of murder and corruption while slowly driving his editor into a series of panic attacks. Right now, both camps are still negotiating the details–and this is far from the first time a studio has tried to bring back Fletch to the big screen but this time, they actually have a draft of a script based on the prequel novel Fletch Won in which a young Fletch scores his first big interview who turns up murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Of course, we won’t believe that this is actually a done deal until we see the thing on the big screen. There have been so many attempts to recast and re-write a third Fletch movie that it’s become the Duke Nukem Forever of the movie industry. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence once tried writing a script and the studio thought about offering the lead role to his show’s breakout star Zach Braff. Then an offer went to Ryan Reynolds who turned down the role so he could work on The Amityville Horror remake and Green Lantern.

Warner Bros. even offered it to Clerks director Kevin Smith, who tried to cast the lead with some of his movie staples such as Jason Lee (who was never famous enough to impress Harvey Weinstein as a lead) and even Ben Affleck, because…why the hell not Ben Affleck? He might as well get a chance to play a renowned hero in his lifetime. It’s not like any studio would be stupid enough to cast him as Daredevil or even Batman.

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