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Emma Watson Says, “Yo, Yo, NOAH” In New Trailer Intro [VIDEO + PICS]


It’s no secret that Noah is working through a lot of marketing problems¬†as the film gets close to opening as one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 . We still don’t know what to make of Emma Watson introducing this new trailer. This must be the desperate marketing to the tweener crowd, since Our Emma seems to have been encouraged to act as goofy as if she was introducing a teen comedy.

The actual trailer gets even weirder, since it’s attempting to cram in a Titanic-style love story (that didn’t help Pompeii) with dopey action and some really idiotic ideas of what this movie is meant to have us ponder. “Who Will You Save” is dramatically posed as a…well, a question, we guess, although they never get around to closing with a question mark. So what we really learn here is that Paramount Pictures is getting really nervous (check the disclaimer at the video’s end) and has decided to market Noah to kids and Christians and non-believers and senior citizens and–well, aren’t movies supposed to appeal to everybody, anyway?

We’ll never get anywhere in Hollywood thinking like that. But at this point, we’re thinking that we’re anticipating seeing Noah a little less. And if Emma Watson is going to get soaked, we’d rather see her in a bikini on the beach, like this…

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