The 22 Hottest Jessica Simpson GIFs

Jessica Simpson GIFs

Jessica Simpson is making headlines in an exciting new way–specifically, for looking great. You might be too pleasant of a person to even remember when Jessica Simpson was regularly ridiculed for looking bad. There was even lots of speculation that Jessica was going to be a real disaster for Weight Watchers after signing on as a spokeswoman.

Today, however, Jessica Simpson is making news for looking more fit than plenty of other pop divas.¬†Of course, it’s been a while since Jessica Simpson counted as a pop diva. A lot of people think of her as retired, since Jessica hasn’t made an acting appearance since a 2010 episode of Entourage. That was the same year that Jessica had a reality show called The Price of Beauty, and released her final album.

Anyway, nobody’s complaining about Jessica Simpson disappearing for a while. She’s looking great and seems set for a major comeback.¬†Jessica knows how to get our attention, too. She’s been very busy on social media lately, including this enticing Instagram pic from a baby shower this past Sunday. We haven’t been to a baby shower like this…

We once got in trouble for just trying to hire a stripper for one of those things. Anyway, Jessica Simpson is now officially a marvelous MILF. More importantly, she’s now joining the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry as a gal worthy of being immortalized in GIFs. Yes, we’ve put together a GIF gallery of Jessica Simpson before, but that was as part of a collection of joltin’ GIFs of assorted hot Jessicas–alongside a certain Ms. Alba and a certain Ms. Biel.

But now let’s concentrate on nothing but Jessica Simpson. That’s something we didn’t think we’d say at the start of the year, but it’s definitely time to start getting to know Jessica again as a genuine sex symbol….

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