Keegan Connor Tracy on "Bates Motel" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Keegan Connor Tracy on Bates Motel

(9:00 PM EST, A&E)

Sometimes your humble See Her Tonight column only knows what it is told–and we’re being told that Keegan Connor Tracy shows up on Bates Motel tonight. Does this mean that some fans of the A&E series are going to get their conspiracy theories confirmed? Keegan Connor Tracy was officially killed off at the end of the first season of the Psycho prequel, with the idea being that young Norman Bates had gone psycho early over his high-school teacher coming on to him in a pretty blatant way.
But some Bates Motel fans are thinking that Miss Watson might not be really dead. We’re just hoping to see more of what A&E bills as the Miss Watson Sex Tape–that being a (SFW) video they leaked as a Season Two teaser to suggest  other suspects in the murder of the torrid teacher.
But you don’t have to be a Bates Motel fan to get excited over (maybe) one more chance to see Keegan Connor Tracy. The quirky Canadian cutie has had plenty of fans since coming into American living rooms back in the ’90s on the Showtime cable series Beggars and Choosers. That was before stealing  scenes as a doomed young executive in Final Destination 2, joining the franchise’s fine list of fatalities that includes femmes like Gina Holden, Krista Allen, and Amanda Detner–not to mention sexy survivor Chasty Ballesteros.
Sadly, we haven’t seen nearly enough of Keegan as the Blue Fairy in Once Upon A Time. It’s always a thrill whenever Keegan shows up flaunting her wings and fantastic cleavage. We’re hoping that we’ll see her recurring on that show more often–and maybe one more time on Bates Motel tonight. At least Keegan will be in tonight’s episode in spirit. Now check out some hot pics that’ll get your spirits up…

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