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Kate Upton: 20 Hottest (& Totally Real) Topless Photos


We hate to see an upset Kate Upton–and we really hate to see an upset Kate Upton when she’s complaining about topless pictures of herself being posted on the internet. Especially when those topless photos turn out to be fake. We love, however, seeing another site getting blamed for that kind of thing. Mainly because it’s a reminder that your pals at COED aren’t total cads, or at least aren’t totally incompetent.

You can go to TMZ  for the sordid details about the website that’s reportedly taken a Photoshopped pic from Kate’s recent Sports Illustrated shoot and declared it to be a nude outtake. We approve of nude outtakes, but we’re not  happy with sites that make up naked pictures. That somehow implies that Kate Upton has been chintzy about posing topless for her own pics.

The worst thing that Kate has ever done was shown up in a commercial for a movie in a bikini shot that wasn’t in the actual film–and you can’t blame Kate for that. Besides, we’re sure that we won’t get that kind of bait-and-switch in the upcoming The Other Woman. (Which has already given us plenty of timeless GIFs.) Kate Upton is an honest woman who’s provided guys with lots of honest topless photos over the years. They may be SFW, but that doesn’t make them any less sexy.

So we’re proud to present Kate in her true topless glory–and it’s something that we’re doing out  of the goodness of our hearts, although it’s cool with us if Kate wants to stop by and thank us personally. We’re going to sit down over there and wait for Kate’s visit, but you can enjoy her right now…

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