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Is the Anonymous Chat App Yik Yak Worth All the Trouble?


yik yak

Yik Yak is a new social networking app that promises total anonymity for the people who post random thoughts and updates to its network . The app then transmits those messages to other nearby users who are also following the local feed on the Yik Yak app. That means you can read the thoughts and feelings of people who you may (or may not) know. You’ll never be certain, either, because Yik Yak never displays the name or username of the person posting an update.

So it seems kind of natural that Yik Yak is already causing trouble in some social media circles. The app may have been built with college students in mind, but  younger users soon got a hold of it–and gave their school districts yet another reason to worry about their students using it in between classes.

For instance, a high school in South Coast, California recently had to place the building on lockdown after a student posted an anonymous bomb threat on the app. Another high school in Chicago, Illinois banned the use of the app entirely because it was being used to cyber-bully students and even teachers without fear of retribution or consequences since all the updates are anonymous.

The makers behind the smartphone app are trying to prevent users from abusing the use of their app. The real problem, however, may still be the actual Yik Yak concept. You can’t hold Yik Yak accountable for the nefarious actions of its users, but its anonymity makes it too easy for others to use with evil intent. We’re still hoping that they’ll find a way to reduce its harmful potential, because we’d really like to post about how no one refills the coffee machine in the offices without anyone finding out who wrote the thing.

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