Eva Herzigova: Vintage (& Sexy) Pics For Her Birthday

Sometimes we wonder what COED.com would’ve looked like in 1993, and we’re pretty sure that we’d just be a site dedicated to the Wonderbra–and to Eva Herzigova, who helped launch the ’90s as the Wonderbra model that turned the brand into a household world. Seriously, the Wonderbra was even more popular than flannel shirts. Gals looked a lot better in it, too. The striking 5’11” beauty looked particularly amazing in it, and plenty of guys had a poster of Eva flaunting her talents under a banner that read, “Hello, boys.”
The boys were ready to say hello right back the Czechoslovakian hottie–who, incidentally, was one of the first hot gals to convince American guys that world needed more hot Czechoslovakian models. Eva Herzigova coasted on through as one of the hottest models of the 1990s. Of course, that included memorable work for Victoria’s Secret and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Eva also did some token acting, but mainly worked to keep things edgy all through the ’90s. She inspired all kinds of kinky poses from photographers, and Eva was always ready to get naked in the name of fashion.
Sadly, Eva wasn’t particularly edgy in her personal life. Her token celebrity marriage in the ’90s was to Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres. She could’ve at least hooked up with the drummer from Alice in Chains or something. The counterculture never quite warmed up to Eva like they did with, say, Kate Moss–possibly because of Eva’s famous Wonderbra campaign getting invoked by plenty of ’90s feminists as a bad thing.
Eva, however, continues to endure as a very good thing. That’s even while becoming a modeling MILF in recent years. Eva still looks amazing, but we’re still going to live in the past while celebrating her 41st birthday –hat being today, March 10th, 2014–in really amazing style…











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