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Eva Green Rising With “300: Rise Of An Empire” [PHOTOS]


It was an epic weekend for 300: Rise of an Empire, which landed at #1 at the box office–and an even more epic weekend for Eva Green, who quickly became the most talked-about special effect in the movie. The film itself is a fun (if wonky) historical actioner. The real history is made by Eva finally getting the hit that she deserves after Dark Shadows bombed back in the summer of 2012.

Eva Green looked set for stardom while Dark Shadows was being hyped. The movie was based on a cultish supernatural television show from the ’70s, and people were expecting great things from a more mainstream production from star Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Eva was also front and center as the wild witch Angelique–whose main role in the new Dark Shadows involved bewitching men with her wicked cleavage.

Dark Shadows ended up being a serious setback for the Parisian beauty. She’d made her film debut with plenty of nudity in 2003’s The Dreamers, and then proved she also had serious acting skills in the historical epic Kingdom of Heaven. Eva was also very memorable as a Bond Girl in 2006’s Casino Royale.  At least Hollywood had the good sense to give Eva another shot with this year’s 300–and we expect that she’ll also get lots of rave reviews in the Showtime network’s upcoming Penny Dreadful series.

We’re also looking forward to seeing Eva in the new Sin City movie, as well. We showcased 300‘s Lena Headey on the film’s opening day, of course, but that was before we knew that Eva’s work as a the hard-fighting (and hard-loving) villainess Artemisia would steal the show. Now check out some pics of Eva that’ll steal your heart, or at least some vital bodily fluids…

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