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Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski Doesn’t Dye His Hair


Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

There are many things that we have learned about Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski over the years. Now we’ve learned that he doesn’t color his hair. We know many people believe that there’s a lot of dye behind Coach K’s black hair, but now we have an official denial–as reported (well, Twittered) by  the Fayetteville Observer‘s Stephen Schramm…

The interesting thing would be why this is a story at all. He just went through some medical problems and was told he has the “heart and brain of a 20 year old.” The guy knows what he is doing. If he colors his hair, so be it. It isn’t a big deal or something that people should be worried about.

The only thing that matters at this point is whether or not he can lead Duke to another national championship. If he colors his hair in the process, why should fans and critics judge? The focus should be on the court instead of the top of Coach K’s head.

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